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WALKINGPAD with Mirage display

Real news for 2019-2020 . the ultra compact WalkingPad treadmill is characterized by a smart . essential and super flat design . The patented . double fold . folding system and the innovative high-tech solutions adopted make it irresistible for a young and pretentious public.

The .MIRAGE . technology adopted in this version makes the surface of the motor cover panel appear completely uniform and smooth when WalkingPad is turned off . The training data appears. brightly lit. when the WalkingPad is turned on.

Walkingpad is ultra compact with a thickness of only 12.9 cm

It 'available in coloring mineral gray applied with the technology IML (In Mold Labeling) that allows a metallized surface to great effect. complementing a finish satin high level.

Technical data

Engine 1/2 (Peak) HP DC

Speed 0.5 - 6.0 Km / h with an increase of 0.5 km / h

Maximum user weight 100 Kg

Cushioning system cushioning gel foam layer

Travel plan 430 x 1200 mm - tape thickness 1.4 mm - coupled with a high density polyester membrane with an ultra smooth surface

Roller diameter front ø. 36 mm - rear ø. 36 mm

Product weight 28 Kg

Open size 1432 x 547 x 129 mm

Closed size 822 x 547 x 129 mm - patented 'double fold system' closing system

Structure aluminum alloy frame - ready2run. nr. 2 transport wheels

Weight of the packed product 31 Kg

Packaging dimensions 900 x 640 x 195 mm

Certifications CE-ROHS-EN957


Console function description

Panel Display LED back-lit white backlight built-in retractable below the engine cover of the panel surface.

.MIRAGE . technology : the surface of the motor cover appears completely uniform and smooth when WalkingPad is switched off. The training data appears. brightly lit. when the WalkingPad is turned on.

Remote control included with start / stop. speed and training mode selection

Training mode: M manual - speed is changed by remote control. A automatic - with . adaptive speed control . system. The WalkingPad speed adjusts to the user's speed. thanks to pressure sensors positioned under the running surface .

Multimedia equipment:


WalkingPad app included . It allows you to set custom preferences. record training data and control WalkingPad. Main functions: multiple user ID. automatic firmware update. automatic standby. running belt maintenance guide. child safety lock. Compatible with iOS and Android system


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