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Столно Фудбалче

Since its founding in 2005. the TUNIRO brand stands for professional home soccer and the ultimate joy of playing. as well as an excellent price / performance ratio.When developing all components. we also paid attention to the compliance with tournament standards with regard to safety and playability.The know-how of high-ranking table football Bundesliga players has also been incorporated.In addition. all TUNIRO tables are certified by the BTFV (Bayerischer Tischfuß,ballverband) accordingly.The TUNIRO Pro series foosball tables weigh 110kg and are equipped with height-adjustable. rubberized feet. non-slip. ergonomically shaped handles. plain bearings. screwed figures. 3mm hollow bars. seamless raised corners and edges. gates with dimensions 20 . 5x8 cm (tournament standard).
In order to exclude a crush of the playing field in every situation. the already 24mm strong playing field was strengthened additionally by an iron cross underneath.The round metal plate feet are hollow inside. they have a very good footing due to the small contact surface. To avoid injuries. the kicker handles only move so close to the band that at least one finger has space between the handle and the band.
The foosball table is delivered by forwarding company (Attention please give an actual phone number for the notification) with a preassembled body - you only have to mount the legs and the poles.Scope of


1 x TUNIRO foosball table PRO (pre-assembled)
16x RESISTOR plain bearing (pre-assembled)
8 x TUNIRO Ultragrip kicker handles
8 x
pole end
caps16x polebuffer 2 x goal counter
8 x PRO hollow poles thickness 3mm
4 x Leonhart goalposts
11x Leonhart figurine black
11x Leonhart figurine gray
1 x TUNIRO cork ball (very quiet and handy)
1 x TUNIRO ball (very handy)
1 x TUNIRO table football learning DVD
2 x TUNIRO logo made of aluminum


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