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STITINICI Set SPARTAN Standard 6 pcs XS 11089

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Protectors Set SPARTAN Standard 6 pcs

Protectors Set SPARTAN Standard should be an essential accessory of everyone who engages in sports activities that pose a risk of an injury. The set consists of 6 pieces of protectors for knees. elbows and palms. For effective protection. they are made of durable high-quality materials. The outer shell is made of hard plastic. the inside is well padded. There are also strong Velcro straps for adjustment and fixation.

Technical description:

  • 6-piece protectors set for knees. elbows and palms
  • Made of high-quality materials safe for human health
  • Outer shell made of durable plastic. inside made of adjustable padding


For better safety. it is recommended to use a helmet alongside the protectors. especially for children and adolescents.


S (user height) under 120 cm
M (user height) between 120-150 cm
L (user height) 150-180 cm
XL (user height) 170-200 cm


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